Getting Token

First you will ask what is token, then my answer is “it’s like a password of bot” and my suggestion is never give token to anyone, or they will be able to control your bot.
So you need to create a bot user, let’s see how,

Step 1:

Go here and click on New Application

Now give your bot a name and a picture, a description isn’t necessary at all.

Finnaly click Create Application. On the next page scroll down until you see Create a bot user, click that. Also click yes do it.

Now you can get your bot’s token, by using the Click to reveal in the app bot user section.

Step 2:

There’s your token! Now its time to invite your bot to your server. Don’t worry about your bot being started for this next step. Check the client_id to your Client ID under App Details, then go to this url,

Now select your server(you need MANAGE_SERVER permission from that server) and now click authorize.

That’s it your bot is here but what, is it complete, then my answer is NO. You need code of your bot and also you have to host it or it will stay OFFLINE forever. We will do these things in next tutorials.